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Star Trek The Original Series And The Next Generation Coloring Books
Take a colorful journey with your favorite space adventurers!

Each volume contains 45 highly-detailed black & white illustrations to color however you please. Each is accompanied by a Stardate log entry.

Choose The Original Series, The Next Generation, or both!

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The Beatles Anthology Book
Now in paperback!

Inside story charts the Fab Four's journey, from humble Liverpool roots, to their rocketed ride to unprecedented fame, and finally their fan-shattering breakup.

A timeline of more than 1300 photos, cartoons, signed letters, drawings, and other memorabilia, interwoven with The Beatles' own memories and recollections, as well as interviews and excerpts from such associates as manager Brian Epstein, producer George Martin, road manager Neil Aspinall, spokesman Derek Taylor, and others.

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The Wild West In Color Book
Explore the bygone world of the Wild West through over 200 evocative images by famed photographers, now transformed into vivid color and more alive than ever before!

Along with portraits of cowboys, Native Americans, soldiers, settlers, lawmen, desperadoes and courageous women, you'll find vignettes of everyday life during those years.

Images of homesteaders, ranchers and miners, and the tension between the hordes pushing West vs. the native peoples trying desperately to hold onto their lands.

It's a fascinating new glimpse into an American experience that few have seen before.
New York Then And Now Book
Trace the city's spectacular evolution!

Book pairs historical photographs of the town with a view of the same scene today, providing readers with a fascinating look into the changes that have taken place.

Sites include Ellis Island, Wall Street, World Trade Center, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Shea Stadium, and much more!
Route 66 Roadside Signs And Advertisements Book
During the glory years of Route 66, small-town America became an electric highway, humming and glowing with neon advertisements in all shapes and sizes.

Within the pages of this fully-illustrated history, you'll revisit the best of these signs that are gone but not forgotten, and the faded glory of those awaiting restoration.

A quirky, kitschy nostalgic treat!
Coffee, Tea And Rock 'N' Roll Book
Stories From The Sky!

Memoir of a stewardess (as they were called back then), who accompanied most of the world's greatest acts as they traveled from gig to gig.

Frolic through the friendly skies as this former flight attendant serves up anecdotes, photographs, and memories culled from her journeys with over 100 music stars and their entourages.
Elvis Presley Graphic Novel Book
The story of his life is told through watercolor-enhanced illustrations in comic-book style.

The visual treat is a detailed accounting of the man from Mississippi who revolutionized popular music and created his own genre, living out his dreams along the way.

Revisit his songs, his movies, his family, friends, & fellow musicians on his journey to becoming The King.

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The New York Times Story Of The Yankees Book
Experience a century of the pride, power, and pinstripes with this fully updated history featuring hometown coverage of the New York Yankees!

Includes 382 articles chronicling the team's most famous milestones, including their 27 World Championships; their rivalry with the Red Sox, and much more!

With foreword by Alec Baldwin.
D-Day The Campaign Across France Book
Heart-wrenching testimony from those who stormed the beaches of Normandy and southern France, provided by those who jumped behind the lines, manned the ships, and flew the missions in the great invasion.

Includes the words of veterans of all forces, Allied and Axis alike, interweaving their stories into an event-by-event history of the war.

Accounts are augmented by high-quality photos, graphic images, and detailed maps for a complete picture of the war from those who fought it.
Fifty Years Of Star Trek Book
From the vaults of STAR TREK Magazine, this unique collection of archival interviews reveals the true story behind the world's favorite sci-fi saga!

Packed with insights from William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, and many more.

With input from Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, Zoe Saldana and other stars of the recent movies on how they made the classic characters their own.

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The Golden Girls Coloring Book
Whether you're a skilled artist or a casual doodler, you'll appreciate the relaxation and creativity that coloring offers.

Stunning pen-&-ink illustrations of the memorable characters and scenes recall great moments from the long-running hit show.
Lost Icons Of Rock Dot To Dot Book
Instantly recognizable images of John Lennon, Prince, Freddy Mercury, Janis Joplin, and 26 other "gone-too-soon" entertainers emerge from within the dots of completed puzzles.

High-quality, single-sided pages are perforated for removal.

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