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Personalized Newspaper Birthday Books
The front page from the day you were born and every birthday thereafter, reproduced from the archives of the Washington Post or L.A. Times!

Bound in a large-format book, each year's spread includes a blank "Remember When" side for attaching photos, mementos or comments from that time. Gold-embossed leatherette front cover personalized with name and date makes this a truly unique keepsake.

State name up to 22 characters/spaces. State date (spell out in month/day/year format).
Legends, Icons And Rebels Book And CD Set
Part tribute, part memoir, with great stories of 27 extraordinary artists whose innovations changed the musical landscape for generations to come.

Includes such legends as Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Louis Armstrong and many more, from genres of rock & roll, country, jazz, reggae, blues, and soul. Pore over the lavish illustrations, artist quotes, suggested playlists, anecdotes, timelines, and much more.

Includes 2 CDs containing 27 influential and renowned recordings.
Silver Palaces Book
Travel back to the advent of the streamlined trailer!

Starting with the Road Chief in 1934, the aluminum travel trailer evolved with such models as Airstream, Silver Streak, and Spartan, and the "mansions of the road" like the Land Yacht! Discover the many challenges involved in building these small living spaces; and how WWII and other factors affected production and influenced the growth of this pop culture obsession!

Full-color photos of vintage beauties will delight enthusiasts.
The Best Of Archie® Comics
As the star of his own comic series since 1942, kids and adults the world over love Archie Andrews.

Boxed set includes the first 3 volumes of The Best Of Archie Comics containing all-time favorite stories spanning 70 years! With intros by Archie editors, artists, writers, celebrity fans, and historians, this collection is a must-have addition for comic book fans, and collectors of American pop culture.

We were advised by the publisher, after the catalog was printed, that this item was cancelled and will not be available.
The Great War In 3D Viewer Set
Commemorative keepsake with a unique stereographic 3D viewer and 35 picture cards offers a vivid glimpse into the daily life and devastation of The Great War. The accompanying book enhances the experience, with a chapter per year from 1914 to 1918.

View rarely seen images, and read engrossing excerpts from letters home and first-hand accounts of soldiers. Witness the hardships endured--the muddy trenches, the icy snow, the tanks, the poison gas--even the scourge of rats that plagued them, in the war to end all wars.
The Great American Slow Cooker Book
The first slow cookers for household use became popular in the 70s, giving working women the ability to start dinner in the morning, leave for the day, and come home to a hot cooked meal for the family.

With the slow-cooker craze currently at the height of its comeback, this is the only guide you'll need to master "care-free" cooking.

Includes 500 recipes, each adapted for 3 sizes of appliances, covering a wide range of foods from breakfast, main dishes, meats, vegetables, sauces, desserts, and more.
The Beatles BBC Archives Book
From 1962 to 1970, BBC Radio & TV played crucial roles in The Beatles' rise to fame!

In-depth account reveals the relationship between the two organizations and the band through interview transcripts, rare photos, and previously unseen documents from the BBC archives.

A removable folder includes facsimiles of the band's application for an audition, audience research reports, private correspondence between band members and executives, and a stunning publicity photo.

Truly a one-of-a-kind compilation!

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The Best Of The Farmers Wife Cookbook
Between 1893 and 1939, The Farmer's Wife magazine gave hard-working rural women a place to find and share advice about everything farm-related. Most popular were recipes for cooking and baking, over 400 of which are collected here.

Discover the old-fashioned secrets to making the most delicious macaroni and cheese, vegetable stew, fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, cookies, jam & marmalade, pot roasts, blue-ribbon breads, and much more.

Recipes are updated to match the conveniences and ingredients of the modern kitchen.
Ladies In Red Paper Dolls
Ladies In Red presents a stunning collection of 4 dolls and more than 40 crimson fashions worn by actresses, singers, and other celebrities.
A Brief Guide To Oz Book
Long before Dorothy Gale went to see the Wizard, L. Frank Baum and his predecessors entranced children with stories of the Land of Oz and its marvelous inhabitants.

Recall the many ways the stories of munchkins, witches, princesses and other magical characters have been retold on page, stage, screen and film. Some you'll remember; some will surprise you!

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House Of Blues Book
With 13 venues across the country, House Of Blues has hosted countless artists of every genre from hard rock to hip-hop!

Recall 20 fabulous years of artists, music and legends, told through exclusive interviews with HOB founders and musicians including Dan Aykroyd, Ringo Star, Paul Shaffer, Carlos Santana, Melissa Etheridge, Jim Belushi, and dozens of others.

Interspersed with the candid anecdotes, behind-the-scenes details, amazing photos, and eclectic artwork is a treasure trove of removable facsimile memorabilia from the HOB archives, such as ticket stubs, programs, posters, VIP passes, handwritten correspondence, and more.
Hollywood Scandals Book
All the dirt on Tinseltown--100 years of sex, suicide, sudden death, robbery, murder and mayhem!

More than 60 scandals are examined in intimate detail, providing a fascinating glimpse into the more sordid side of showbiz. Subjects include Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, James Dean, Rock Hudson, Natalie Wood, Elvis, ZsaZsa Gabor, Anna Nicole Smith, Hugh Grant, John Belushi, Winona Ryder, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen, and many more.
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