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This Old Harley Book
A tribute not only to the legendary Harley-Davidson®, but also to the stories, histories, and lifestyles behind it. With contributions from those who drove, repaired, researched, illustrated, owned, collected and coveted the most iconic motorcycle in the world.

Beautiful photos and illustrations throughout.

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The American Fire Engine Book
Discover the evolution of firefighting, from the first bucket brigades, to the horse-drawn steam pumpers of early last century, through the automated rigs and high-tech apparatus of today.

A combination informative guide and visual treat, with more than 150 color photos, original black & white images and vintage ads, representing the top names in the industry--American LaFrance, Mack, Seagrave, VanPelt, Ahrens-Fox, and more.
Cars A Complete History Book
With 50 Make-It-Yourself Models!

Unique 2-part book is "engine-uity" at its best--50 press-out models of the world's most distinguished vehicles, AND informative and entertaining accounts of each car's role in automotive history!

Filled with photos of the cars and some of the celebrities who brought them fame, including Sean Connery (Aston Martin DB5) and Steve McQueen (Ford Mustang GT). Model section includes press-out cardstock pieces and step-by-step instructions.

Auto enthusiasts young and old will enjoy this one!
Treat Yourself Cookbook
Recreating Favorite Snacks Of Yesterday!

The author takes a uniquely humorous approach to both honor and replicate 70 iconic snack foods, including Ritz Crackers, Hostess Twinkies, and Girl Scout cookies!

With equal parts food trivia and personal anecdotes, each "from scratch" copycat recipe is framed by her hilarious wit, making this cookbook a true joy to read.
Rosie's Riveting Recipes Cookbook
Wartime Chili... Homefront Salad...Victory Apple Pie... recipes our grandmothers prepared while stretching available food sources and limited budgets.

Many labored in factories during the day, and yet, with their imaginative resourcefulness, provided delicious, healthy meals for their family each evening.

Revisit the "waste not, want not" era and discover their culinary secrets with a collection of nutritious comfort foods and kitchen wisdom from the 1940s.
John Wayne The Life And Legend Book
Thirty-five years after his death, he remains an enduring symbol of American grit.

Drawing on previously-unpublished recollections and interviews conducted with Wayne, his family, costars, and closest associates, this complex portrait illuminates both the Hollywood icon and the real man.

Charming and compelling--discover details of his storied life, including his college football days, stormy marriages, conservative political stance, and his ability to command the movie screen as the quintessential male against whom all other screen heroes are compared.

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Betty Crocker Birthdays Cookbook
From the most trusted name in cookbooks, here's 90 "fresh idea" recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other sweets for making birthday celebrations special!

From simple rainbow cupcakes, to show-stopping 18-layer red velvet cake, each includes a full-color photo, helpful diagrams and tips for great results.

An entire chapter devoted to themed parties is bursting with menus, decorations, and favor ideas! Sure to make birthdays more fun for kids and adults of all ages, for years to come!
The Complete Book Of Small Batch Preserving
Make the most of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies by preserving in small batches--all year long!

More than 300 enticing recipes, including jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, salsas, flavored oils, sauces, syrups and more! Ideal for those who crave homemade goodness but don't want to spend all day in the kitchen--whether beginner or pro.

Includes recipes for microwaveable and freezer preserving.
Marvel™ The World According To Spider-Man Book
Spider-Man Spills His Secrets!

How does the superhero keep a steady job and a girlfriend, while saving the world from heinous villains? With his trademark sense of humor, Spider-Man reveals what spider-senses won't tell you, like how to take down a bad guy, the key spots on his map of NYC, and other tidbits of must-know information.

Inserts enhance the experience--clippings from The Daily Bugle, snapshots from his photo album, his report card and driver's license, a superhero quiz, one of Aunt May's recipes, and much more!

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Rock Chronicles Timeline Book
The Definitive Reference!

A must for fans of all ages! Encyclopedia details the lineup, look, sound, labels, and achievements of the greatest acts in rock & roll history. Each entry includes a timeline, biographical information, and stunning photography.

With 250 acts broken down into 17 categories, it's an engaging and informative read!
1001 Bizarre Rock 'N' Roll Stories Book
What famous couple tried to trademark their baby's name? Who performed an entire show lying down drunk on the stage? Which star stood outside the gates of Graceland with a gun, demanding to see Elvis?

Drug & alcohol binges, violence & self-destruction, strange eccentricity and other shocking behaviors are part of the fast & furious lives of rockstars around the world. In this incredible collection of 1001 anecdotes, you'll find more craziness than you ever thought possible.
100 Of The Worst Ideas In History Book
The Edsel, "New" Coke, the Y2K scare, a blackface routine... What were they thinking?

Witty book recalls 100 of the most notable human faux pas and foibles, from historical to hysterical! These missteps have started wars, wrecked companies, lampooned careers--and endangered the planet!

Packed with fun photos and sidebars.
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