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LIFE Diana At 50 Book
In 2011, LIFE Magazine examined her life and times on what would have been her 50th birthday that year.

Visit Diana's youth, her courtship and marriage to Prince Charles in the Wedding of the Century. Follow her around the world, and as she spends quality time with her boys at home in Kensington Palace. Recall her travails as her marriage crumbles, and mourn once again as you recall her untimely passing.

Supplemented with 100 photos from LIFE Magazine and other sources.
Ultimate Star Guitars Book
Expanded Edition!

Illustrated history of the specific guitars of the men and women who rocked the world! Showcases B.B. King's "Lucille," Clapton's "Blackie," Stevie Ray Vaughn's "First Wife," Billy Gibbons' "Pearly Gates," and dozens upon dozens more.

Author Dave Hunter explains the stories behind each: the important sessions, tours, and gigs on which they were played, modifications made by the owners, and more.

Nearly 1000 performance and candid studio shots of artists and their guitars, in black & white and color, make this an information-packed, visual feast for the guitar enthusiast.
Gunfighters Book
Dangerous Men And Violent Death!

After the end of the Civil War, the relentless march west led to railroad expansion, gold rushes, land grabs, and cow towns, all fueled by whiskey drinkers, high-stakes gamblers and saloon girls!

Living and dying by the gun was a breed of legendary men who were happy--even eager--to die young during those tempestuous years.

Through contemporary accounts and meticulous historical research, this book recalls the gunslinging men--and a few women--who made their way into the pages of American history.
The Beatles Book
Author Hunter Davies, the only ever authorized biographer of the group, brings together 3 other Beatles experts to compile this definitive encyclopedic guide.

Divided into 4 sections--People, Songs, Places, and Broadcast & Cinema--it covers every element of the band's history and the influences that shaped them.

Illustrated with black & white and color photos throughout, and artifacts from Davies' remarkable collection!
Shirley Temple American Princess Book
The One & Only American Princess!

At the age of 5, she became the world's most famous child--the most beautiful, delightful, and talented little performer ever to capture the public's imagination.

This definitive, intimate portrait follows her meteoric rise to unprecedented fame as a child star, her power over studio head Daryl Zanuck, her fall as an adolescent who had outgrown her appeal, her fairytale marriage that became a nightmare, and her surprising ascent into world politics as a US ambassador.
Prince Coloring Book
Let's go crazy--with crayons!

With contributions from both his fan-art community and professional illustrators, this Prince coloring book is an expression and celebration of the pure joy he inspired throughout the world.
The Official John Wayne Way To BBQ Cookbook
Contains more than 200 pages of The Duke's favorite barbecue recipes, from Asian chicken to jerk-style ribs, to a Tennessee burger, and much more.

Not just a collection of recipes--this deluxe publication with an introduction by his son Ethan Wayne is chock-full of rare family and film photos, along with personal anecdotes and heartwarming stories.

If a man is what he eats, readers can expect to discover what America's most enduring icon loved to chow down on!

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Star Trek The Original Series And The Next Generation Coloring Books
Take a colorful journey with your favorite space adventurers!

Each volume contains 45 highly-detailed black & white illustrations to color however you please. Each is accompanied by a Stardate log entry.

Choose The Original Series, The Next Generation, or both!

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The Beatles Anthology Book
Now in paperback!

Inside story charts the Fab Four's journey, from humble Liverpool roots, to their rocketed ride to unprecedented fame, and finally their fan-shattering breakup.

A timeline of more than 1300 photos, cartoons, signed letters, drawings, and other memorabilia, interwoven with The Beatles' own memories and recollections, as well as interviews and excerpts from such associates as manager Brian Epstein, producer George Martin, road manager Neil Aspinall, spokesman Derek Taylor, and others.

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The Wild West In Color Book
Explore the bygone world of the Wild West through over 200 evocative images by famed photographers, now transformed into vivid color and more alive than ever before!

Along with portraits of cowboys, Native Americans, soldiers, settlers, lawmen, desperadoes and courageous women, you'll find vignettes of everyday life during those years.

Images of homesteaders, ranchers and miners, and the tension between the hordes pushing West vs. the native peoples trying desperately to hold onto their lands.

It's a fascinating new glimpse into an American experience that few have seen before.
Route 66 Roadside Signs And Advertisements Book
During the glory years of Route 66, small-town America became an electric highway, humming and glowing with neon advertisements in all shapes and sizes.

Within the pages of this fully-illustrated history, you'll revisit the best of these signs that are gone but not forgotten, and the faded glory of those awaiting restoration.

A quirky, kitschy nostalgic treat!
Coffee, Tea And Rock 'N' Roll Book
Stories From The Sky!

Memoir of a stewardess (as they were called back then), who accompanied most of the world's greatest acts as they traveled from gig to gig.

Frolic through the friendly skies as this former flight attendant serves up anecdotes, photographs, and memories culled from her journeys with over 100 music stars and their entourages.
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