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David Bowie Starman Coloring Book
The singer's career was a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors, styles and sounds.

Here are 50 "star-dusted," black & white sketches of his most iconic looks to color, as a creative way to remember the daring chameleon and how he forever influenced popular music.
Disney Alice In Wonderland Book
Walt Disney's silent film based on Alice's adventures inspired a 56-episode series, followed by the beloved 1951 animated film, modern-day live-action versions, a variety of iconic Disney Park experiences, and this year's sequel to Tim Burton's 2010 film.

Illustrated journey captures the enchantment in its many forms and iterations with brilliant photography, storyboards, character development sketches, movie stills, behind-the-scenes candid shots, and much more.

A must-have for the Disney aficionado.

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Hollywood Then And Now Book
A fascinating comparison of the orange groves and bean fields that Hollywood was when it was founded in 1887, with the cosmopolitan mecca that it is today.

Classic architecture and locations are shown side by side with contemporary images of the same sites, including Paramount Pictures Studio, Schwab's Pharmacy, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood & Vine, The Brown Derby, and much more.
The Great American Burger Book
An incredible all-star collection of the humble hamburger and all its regional diversity!

Gain new appreciation for ground beef on a bun--from the basic, backyard flame-grilled burger, Hawaii's egg-topped Loco Moco and New Mexico's Tortilla Burger, to the Carolina Slaw Burger, California Bacon-Avocado Toast Burger, and Michigan's Olive Burger!

Recipes for these gastronomic glories are accompanied by quirky background stories and mouthwatering photos. Foreword by renowned food aficionado Andrew Zimmern.
Titanic 100 Years Below DVD And Book Collection
DVD, CD, Momorabilia & Book!

Just 4 days into her maiden voyage, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

This painstakingly-researched collection provides a deeper understanding of what went wrong on that tragic night, including a DVD voyage to the liner's final resting place, a book that tells the gripping 100-year old story, and a CD featuring 25 songs from the era.

The accompanying collection of reprinted memorabilia includes blueprints from the original design, emergency telegrams, crew identity cards, a personal survivor's account, and more.
Vietnam War DVD And Book Collection
DVDs PLUS Memorabilia & Booklet!

War In The Shadows DVD set documents the role of Special Ops teams such as Long-Range Recon Patrols, Navy SEALs, and other highly-trained forces that became the US military's most-feared weapon.

Recently declassified documents, veteran interviews, and rare footage provide a gripping account of those sent deep into enemy territory during one of the most controversial conflicts in history.

The accompanying meticulously-researched collection of memorabilia includes tactical maps, battlefield photography, propaganda posters, top-level communication and a booklet that guide you through the events of the war from 1954-1975.
Ballpark Eats Recipe Book
Forget peanuts and popcorn--ballparks now offer an incredible array of edible options!

From the famous fish tacos at the San Diego Padres' Petco Park, to the mouthwatering Cuban sandwich at the Rays' Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, this coast-to-coast cookbook presents fans with recipes for more than 70 concession classics.

Fully illustrated with simple, scaled down instruction that make it ideal for rookie and veteran cooks alike.
Wonders Of The World 1000 Dot To Dot Book
These childhood puzzles aren't just for kids anymore!

Twenty amazing sights, each rendered in 1000 dots, expressive line work and tonal shading. Impress yourself as you work to complete the Colosseum, Stonehenge, Taj Mahal, Mount Rushmore, Easter Island, and many more!

Includes a pull-out poster that you'll want to frame. Relaxing and challenging!
World War I In 40 Posters Book
Collection of 40 full-color propaganda posters provides an informative, provocative perspective on the first world war.

Includes essays explaining each poster, and its significance within military, political, social, and cultural history.

Covers the timeline from mobilization and recruitment to war bond drives and efforts to sustain morale in the US, Britain, Canada, Germany, Austria, and France.
John Wayne Fighting For Freedom Book
A behind-the-scenes look at how John Wayne's roles as a hero in uniform not only entertained, but inspired some of America's real-life heroes for generations to come.

Excerpted from the official John Wayne magazine, the stories examine his relationships with enlisted troops and the USO, correspondence with well-known military leaders, and his unshakable patriotism.

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Personalized Washington Post, Los Angeles Times And Dallas Morning News Newspaper Compilation Books
Select Your Historical Date From 3 Major Publications!

What made front-page news the day you were born? What had the world talking the day you were married? Special edition newspaper book features every front page newspaper reprint from the memorable day, date and year you choose, and annually thereafter.

Unique coffee-table edition features blank pages between each front page, ready to fill with personal photos or messages of your choice. The premium leatherette front cover is embossed with gold-lettered name and special date.

Depending on the date and newspaper you select, books will range from 80-200 pages, with most dates between 1900 and 2015 available.

State 2 lines to be embossed: Name, and Date in month/day/year format, up to 22 spaces each line.
Rocks Off Rolling Stones Book
Artists reveal themselves through their work, and the Rolling Stones are no exception.

The author explores the influences behind 50 of the band's tracks--the creativity, the studios, the relationships--and offers a song-by-song chronicle that maps their incredible career.

This refreshing take on one of the most acclaimed rock bands of all time is the ultimate listening guide and a must-read for every Stones fan!
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