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World War II Crucial Battles DVD Set
This is a heroic conflict that changed the course of history!

Midway, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor, Normandy, and 10 more--Crucial Battles DVD set revisits these moments through rare color film and actual battle footage.

Bonus: The Four Army Chaplains, an inspiring true story of sacrifice.
Personal Journeys Of World War II DVD Set
This is a heroic conflict that changed the course of history!

Before television and internet, theatrical newsreels kept the country abreast of events as the war raged on. Personal Journeys DVD set provides an up close look at World War II, from the battlefields to the homefront, using the 70-year old archival films and newsreels.

A unique visual opportunity to witness history as it happened!
Elvis® The King Remembered DVD
Documentary spotlights the controversial film, The Elvis Files, and the unusual facts surrounding his death.

Collector's edition includes rare home movies, footage from his funeral, backstage footage from his unfinished film Elvis Karate, commentary from Paul McCartney, plus 23 movie trailers from his most legendary films.

Click here to see our entire Elvis® collection!
Babe Ruth Story DVD
One hundred years after "The Sultan of Swat" entered the sport, his stats remain just as impressive today as they were then. Known for his antics on and off the field, Babe Ruth's roller-coaster life and career are examined through rare archival footage.

Bonus features include Headin' Home, a 1920 film starring Babe as a small-town boy who makes it big. Plus, 1939 footage with Lou Gehrig, his 1942 upper deck home run off Walter Johnson, Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth's home run record, and much more.
Red Skelton Lost Episodes DVD Set
One of the most beloved comedians, Red Skelton delighted us for 20 years on his weekly hit TV show.

DVD collection features 18 unreleased episodes on DVD for the first time! Enjoy Red and his guests, Sebastian Cabot, Fabian, Eve Arden, Amanda Blake, Gordon & Sheila MacRae, and many more!
My Mother The Car Complete Series DVD Set
The 1965 comedy series starred Jerry Van Dyke, who discovers that the classic car he's just purchased is the reincarnation of his mother (voiced by Ann Sothern), offering her well-meaning--but not always well-received--maternal advice via the car radio!

This DVD set contains the entire series, recently released for the very first time!
T.J. Hooker Seasons One And Two DVD Set
The popular 80s cop series is back in action!

William Shatner stars as a veteran cop who gives up his detective position to return to street duty in order to train and mentor new recruits. Also stars Adrian Zmed and Heather Locklear.
James Cagney DVD Set
Although best known for his portrayal of tough gangsters, Cagney was a man of many talents, equally adept at comedies, light-hearted musicals, and captivating dramas.

Disc set includes four lesser-known titles from 1937-1948, starring Cagney as an investigator in Great Guy, a bandleader in Something To Sing About, a reporter in Blood On The Sun, and a saloon owner in The Time Of Your Life.
Collision Course 20 Film DVD Set
DVD set includes 20 movies, featuring such classics as In Hot Pursuit, filled with action, adventure and suspense.
Married With Children Seasons 1 And 2 DVD Set
The Bundys were a radical departure from the sweet TV families we were used to watching! With their off-beat blue-collar humor & unflinching honesty, sometimes deemed too raunchy for TV, this was one family where Father definitely didn't know best!

Starring Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal & Christina Applegate.
My Little Margie DVD Set
The successful comedy series starring Gale Storm originated in 1952 as a summer replacement for I Love Lucy, complete with madcap capers reminiscent of Lucy and Ethel!

DVD set features 12 original episode in black & white.
They Came From Space 20 Film DVD Set
DVD set includes 20 movies, featuring such classics as The Last Man On Earth, filled with action, adventure and suspense.
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