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Dot To Dot Books
$10.87 - $15.90
  • Once you start, you can't stop!
  • Irresistible to kids and adults!
Incredible images appear before your eyes when you connect the dots throughout the mind-blowing pages of Books 1 & 2 and Books 3 & 4.

Books 5 & 6 and Books 7 & 8 super challenge you to step up your game with alpha dots, connect the coordinates, double page spreads with over 1,300 dots and more!

Adventure Series Books 1 & 2 follow a simple storyline with clues in the dot puzzles and a 4-page spread with over 2,600 dots!

Great stress relievers and perfect for travel!

Save 10% when you buy any 2 or more!

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The Original Slush Mug
$8.50 - $11.00
Changes almost any beverage into a delicious, frozen dessert.

Keep Slush Mug in freezer until you're ready, then pour in drink and watch as it thickens into an icy full-bodied slush in minutes! Your drink's flavor stays strong and undiluted since no ice is used! Use over and over again.

Does not work with diet drinks. Assorted colors, our choice, please.