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Animated Betty Boop And Pudgy Christmas Plush
Was: $40.00
Now: $22.67
Standing in a festive gift box in her sexy Santa ensemble with best pal at her feet, Betty sings "Santa Baby" when you press her button.

Watch her shimmer and sway while Pudgy wags his jingly bell-trimmed tail in approval.
Kit-Cat™ Black And Strawberry Ice Clocks
$49.99 - $59.99
Look who’s over 80 years old!

This nostalgic icon with the side-rolling eyes and wagging pendulum tail is available in the limited edition strawberry ice, as well as classic black.
Soc-O-Pranks And Soc-O-Magic Christmas Stockings
Was: $12.98 - $16.00
Now: $8.87 - $9.97
Ready-to-hang "Soc-O-Magic" is loaded with 8 different magic tricks, a magic wand, and instructions for performing magic tricks to amaze your friends--and maybe even get you that invite to the "cool" table in the lunch room at work. Maybe... We're still vigorously testing this theory. Contents may vary; our choice, please.

Or add a bit more jolly to the holiday with "Soc-O-Prank" filled with 14 classic pranks, including hand buzzer, disappearing ink, fart lollipop, plastic cockroach, fake poo, squirt ring, whoopee cushion, and more! Hours of laughs for all ages.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson The Vault Series DVD Set
The man WAS late-night television. This never-before-released series of full, unedited shows celebrates the enduring legacy of Johnny Carson.

Classic sketches (Carnac The Magnificent) and interesting segments (Animal Hijinks With Joan Embry), interviews with the biggest names of the day, witty banter with Ed McMahon and Doc Severinson, and of course, those must-see opening monologues!

24 episodes including commercials and bonus clips, featuring Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Paul McCartney, Sean Connery, Lucille Ball, Vincent Price, Richard Pryor, David Brenner, Muhammad Ali, Ronald Reagan, Buddy Rich, and many more!
Musical Christmas Mr. Bear Jingles Plush
Was: $50.00
Now: $32.77
From The Bearington Collection!

Huggable friend is guaranteed to make someone's holiday wish come true! Beautifully crafted in luxurious plush golden fur, decorated with festive holiday bow and a trio of metal bells.

Wind-up music box in base plays "Jingle Bells." Limited edition.

WARNING: Choking Hazard - small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Disney I'm Grumpy Don't Make It Worse Tee
$19.00 - $21.00
Wearable warning wards off those you wish to avoid in your already-Grumpy state!

Denim-blue with flocked screenprint design.

Click here to see our entire Disney collection!
Space Invaders And Pac-Man Mini Arcade Games
Enjoy retro arcade fun in miniature format!

Pac-Man and Space Invaders features classic joystick action and authentic arcade sounds in a portable form that goes where you go.

Buy any 2 or more, $28.00 each.
NFL Tiki Totem
Think your team might need a good luck charm this season?

Unique Tiki-style totem features the logo, color and mascot of your favorite NFL team. Make it a part of your pre-game rituals!

Choose team: Bears, Cowboys, Packers, Patriots, Giants, Steelers, or Seahawks.
Puff The Magic Dragon Jack In The Box
Classic tin jack-in-the-box toy plays the familiar tune and features stunning art from the phenomenally-successful and critically-praised picture book, celebrating the 50th anniversary (2013) of the beloved children's tune.
Bozo The Clown Bop Bag
During my childhood I watched Bozo nearly every day, dreaming of winning his Treasure Chest prizes!

So, I was overjoyed to see the first-ever Bozo 3D Bop Bag back from the 60s with all the original features, including Bozo's squeaky nose! This durable clown with sand-filled base has bounce-back action for hours of fun.

BOZO is ™ & ©2002 Larry Harmon Pictures Corp.