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John Wayne Bottle Huggie
The Duke would have loved this!

Neoprene bottle holder with zipper keeps your brew chilled so every sip is as cool as the first. Classic "A Man's Gotta Do" quote and Western scene on front and back.

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Camper And Radio Retro Teapots
Whimsical designs suit collectors to a "tea!"

Highly detailed with colors and textures that adds an imaginative touch to table settings or collectibles shelves.
Coke Can Beverage Cooler
Hard-sided picnic cooler shaped like a beverage can holds 10 12-oz. cans and has a 9-quart capacity. Sturdy poly construction, with snug-fitting lid and folding handle; can also be used as a seat.

Perfect for patio, tailgating, parties, and sporting events.

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Tiki Bar Cap Catcher
The mid-20th century craze for Polynesian and Hawaiian décor reached its peak in the 50s and early 60s.

Circular fiberboard sign with intentionally-distressed graphics has a "rusted" cast-iron opener and metal basket.

The "cracked" paint is the finishing touch, giving it an authentic look that perfectly captures the vintage style.
I Love Lucy Chocolate Truffle Cocoa
Was: $9.00
Now: $4.77
One of Lucy's most memorable scenes is honored on this cocoa tin.

Chocolate Truffle Cocoa will delight fans of the show and lovers of hot chocolate.

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Coke Vintage Ice Chest Cooler
Make a statement with this fun and functional vintage style cooler. The 13-liter capacity keeps up to 18 cans (or 12 bottles) of your favorite beverage ice cold and ready to enjoy.

Painted metal exterior with official Coke design, durable easy-to-clean liner, polished chrome accents, locking handle, & built-in bottle opener.

Please add an additional $7 to Standard Shipping Charge.

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PEANUTS The Original Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker
$7.00 - $29.00
The original machine from 1979, just like you remember!

Insert ice cubes, and turn the crank for shaved ice, then sweeten with included flavor mix! Sno-cone maker comes with ice "pusher," syrup bottle, shovel scoop, 3 paper cups, and a fruit-punch flavor mix packet--enough for 8 servings!

Available 6-flavor refill pack for the Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker includes: fruit punch, grape, orange, cherry, strawberry, and lemon.

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Star Trek Spock And Captain Kirk Drink Kooler
Command your crew--AND your brew--with can coolers! Choose Spock with tricorder, or Kirk with phaser. Fits most drink cans.

Buy any 2 or more, $8.00 each.

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Giant Tootsie Pop
Was: $13.50
Now: $9.97
Holds 8 Pops Inside!

Since the 1930s, the doubly-sweet treat has tickled tastebuds with its hard candy shell and chewy Tootsie Roll center! Giant paper-wrapped plastic pop holds a bundle of 8 individually-wrapped regular Tootsie Pops to share and enjoy.

Colors and flavors vary; our choice, please.
Aluminum Tumblers And Terry Glass Covers
$5.00 - $26.00
Reminisce on the porch or by the pool with our set of 6 anodized aluminum tumblers in rich retro jewel tones. They're made just like they were back in the 50's--firm and sturdy.

Absorbent terry covers slip over chilly drinking glasses, cans, or bottles to soak up condensation, protect furniture from scratches and water rings and provide a comfortable non-slip grip. Set of 8, assorted colors.