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Starsky And Hutch Complete Series DVD Set
Was: $53.00
Now: $39.75
Join Starsky & Hutch, go-to informant Huggy Bear, and boss man Captain Dobey for a retro explosion of cops, muscle cars and superstars!

The epitome of hip '70s cop shows on this disc set features every episode, starring Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul.
Dark Film Mysteries DVD Set
Was: $20.00
Now: $15.97
Supicious characters, shadowy scenery, moody dialogue and copious clouds of cigarette smoke are all the earmarks of the film noir cinema genre, and all in abundance in this DVD set!

Eleven films from 1945-1952, including The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers, Quicksand, Inner Sanctum and 8 others.

With riveting performances by such stars as Edward G. Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck, Orson Welles, and Hedy Lamarr--over 16 hours of intrigue!
The Wonderful World Of Oz Illustrated History Book
Was: $30.00
Now: $22.97
Travel over the rainbow and see why there's no place like Oz!

The journey includes lush photos of the world's largest collection of Oz objects and memorabilia, dating back to L. Frank Baum's tale penned in 1900.

Revisit the 1939 film starring Judy Garland, explore other productions from around the world, animated series, toys, and spinoffs including The Wiz, Wicked, and OZ, The Great And Powerful.

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Magnificent Motorcars DVD Set
Was: $39.00
Now: $29.97
As Seen On Discovery's Velocity Channel!

Get an inside look at the world of elite vintage vehicles, the millionaires who own them, and the unique museums and car shows that display them!

Stunning DVD set examines jewels from Packard, Mercedes-Benz, Duesenberg, Bugatti, Stutz, Rolls Royce and others.

Includes a set of 20 frame-worthy photos of the most beautiful cars on the planet, from breath-taking locations in the US, France, Germany, Holland, and Italy.
Colorama Christmas - As Seen On TV
Was: $9.98
Now: $4.87
Get into the Christmas spirit and recall the relaxing enjoyment of filling in beautiful designs with vibrant colors!

You'll have over 100 festive patterns to choose from including Christmas trees, ornaments, wintery scenes, and more! All intricate designs are printed on single-sided, perforated paper, making them perfect for framing once completed.

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Sock Monkeys Sewing Book
Was: $24.99
Now: $18.67
If you like to monkey around with needle and thread, here's the craft book for you!

Humorous text and adorable sock monkey photos inspire you to create your own versions of famous characters--or even family members!

Illustrated 12-step sewing instructions, plus tips and techniques beyond the basics for making these memorable keepsakes.
The Gettysburg Address CD Set
Was: $35.00
Now: $19.37
Delivered on November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln's 272-word speech redefined American liberty and altered the course of the nation.

Viewed from a number of modern perspectives, 15 essays examine the speech in detail for its far-reaching influence and still-resonating impact.

With passages read by Dermot Mulroney, Stephen Lang, Neal McDonough, and 13 more.
Convertibles Book
Was: $12.99
Now: $2.47
From the earliest coaches to the high-end sports cars of today, convertibles are a metaphor for freedom of the road--drop the top and feel the sun and wind!

Profiles of more than 60 cars, including the ancient Model T, sporty Jaguar roadsters, classic Chevys and modern Miatas.

With history, performance specs, trivia, and color photo galleries, there's something for the casual budding fan, or the dedicated auto enthusiast.
Mazda MX-5 Miata Book
Was: $50.00
Now: $39.67
In definitive detail, the complete story of the first generation (Mk 1, 1988-1997) of the car that re-invented the affordable roadster.

With new generations staying true to the original concept for well over 20 years, much to the delight of enthusiasts, it remains the world's best-selling sports car.

Researched and written in Japan, with the full cooperation of the factory.
Last Heroes Of WWII DVD And Booklet
Was: $39.00
Now: $27.57
With the few remaining veterans now in their senior years, this may be the last chance to hear their stories of incredible strength and courage during some of the war's darkest hours.

Using a combination of archival footage, iconic battlefield re-creations, and first-person testimony of front-line personnel, you'll experience an in-depth chronicle of the final years of the Allied campaign.

Deluxe commemorative edition includes nearly 5 hours of gripping video, 16 full-color veteran cards with quotes and personal photos, and a illustrated booklet entitled "The Last Battles of WWII: From D-Day to V-E Day."
Tom Tierney's History Of Denim Paper Dolls
Was: $12.00
Now: $7.67
Equally beloved as he was talented, the prolific artist left an extraordinary legacy of over 500 works. Among the newly-released: the globally-popular History of Denim.

A must-have for fans of the late, great King Of Paper Dolls!
Tom Tierney's History Of Swimwear Paper Dolls
Was: $12.00
Now: $8.77
Equally beloved as he was talented, the prolific artist left an extraordinary legacy of over 500 works. Among the newly-released: the splashy, liberated History of Swimwear.

A must-have for fans of the late, great King Of Paper Dolls!
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