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Johnny Cash Book And CD
Was: $24.99
Now: $20.00
From his days as a pioneer of rockabilly in the 50s, he went on to a successful career in country music. After influencing countless artists and amassing an enormous body of work, he achieved "living legend" status, as one of the greatest musicians of his time.

Fully-illustrated narrative of The Man In Black's life and work contains a CD with 16 songs from 1955-1969, including "Ring Of Fire," "A Boy Named Sue," "Folsom Prison Blues," and "I Walk The Line."
Reader's Digest 21 Great Wonders Of The World DVD Set
Was: $22.00
Now: $11.87
Your virtual journey includes enduring man-made legacies: the Colosseum, Great Wall, Machu Pichu, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids and other awesome examples of human architectural achievements. Nature reveals her own magnificence as you view the Grand Canyon, Himalayas, Ayers Rock, the Amazon River and more.

Full-color scenes are interwoven with stirring music from around the world. Breathtaking and inspiring!
Mad About You Seasons 1 And 2 DVD Set
Was: $15.00
Now: $6.77
Join Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser in this award-winning and smartly-written comedy showcasing a Manhattan couple trying to keep their love alive in the midst of all the madness a modern marriage can bring!

DVD set contains all 46 episodes of the hilarious first and second seasons.
Country Classic Singers DVD Set
Was: $60.00
Now: $32.87
Amazing collection features biographical and musical highlights from the lives of five legendary country stars: Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, Marty Robbins, George Jones, and Hank Williams.

Portraits includes live performances, TV footage, recollections & interviews, tributes, and more. With appearances by Willie Nelson, Tammy Wynette, Chet Atkins, Emmylou Harris, Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, and many others.

A must-have for fans of classic country music!
My Favorite Martian Season One DVD Set
Was: $40.00
Now: $20.87
Spurred by our nation's fascination with the space race and love of TV comedies, this early-60s series starred Bill Bixby as a newspaper reporter, and Ray Walston as a Martian whom he discovers and passes off as his Uncle Martin.

DVD set includes all 37 episodes from Season 1, digitally remastered for best quality. Packed with special features--series pilot, photo gallery, vintage commercials, and more!
Treat Yourself Cookbook
Was: $19.99
Now: $14.77
Recreating Favorite Snacks Of Yesterday!

The author takes a uniquely humorous approach to both honor and replicate 70 iconic snack foods, including Ritz Crackers, Hostess Twinkies, and Girl Scout cookies!

With equal parts food trivia and personal anecdotes, each "from scratch" copycat recipe is framed by her hilarious wit, making this cookbook a true joy to read.
Betty Crocker Birthdays Cookbook
Was: $16.99
Now: $12.87
From the most trusted name in cookbooks, here's 90 "fresh idea" recipes for cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and other sweets for making birthday celebrations special!

From simple rainbow cupcakes, to show-stopping 18-layer red velvet cake, each includes a full-color photo, helpful diagrams and tips for great results.

An entire chapter devoted to themed parties is bursting with menus, decorations, and favor ideas! Sure to make birthdays more fun for kids and adults of all ages, for years to come!
Marvel™ The World According To Spider-Man Book
Was: $24.95
Now: $15.67
Spider-Man Spills His Secrets!

How does the superhero keep a steady job and a girlfriend, while saving the world from heinous villains? With his trademark sense of humor, Spider-Man reveals what spider-senses won't tell you, like how to take down a bad guy, the key spots on his map of NYC, and other tidbits of must-know information.

Inserts enhance the experience--clippings from The Daily Bugle, snapshots from his photo album, his report card and driver's license, a superhero quiz, one of Aunt May's recipes, and much more!

Click here to see our entire Marvel™ collection!
Personal Journeys Of World War II DVD Set
Was: $39.00
Now: $19.87
This is a heroic conflict that changed the course of history!

Before television and internet, theatrical newsreels kept the country abreast of events as the war raged on. Personal Journeys DVD set provides an up close look at World War II, from the battlefields to the homefront, using the 70-year old archival films and newsreels.

A unique visual opportunity to witness history as it happened!
America's Presidents Book
Was: $39.95
Now: $19.87
History comes alive in this comprehensive study that follows the lives, struggles, failures, and achievements of the 44 men who held our nation's highest office during the past 225 years.

Gift-boxed set includes a illustrated book, DVD, a wall chart, and a stunning replica of the Constitution. Perfect for the history buff!
More Locations Of America's Pop Culture Landmarks Book
Was: $16.95
Now: $10.77
Where did Marilyn & Joe DiMaggio have their first date? In which school was TV's Room 222 filmed? Visit these and other sites where pop culture history was made.

Fully illustrated collection features over 600 landmarks and locations. Fascinating, fun entries include salon where Norma Jeane went from brunette to blonde, the location of the infamous McDonald's hot coffee spill, the Vegas hotel where Elvis married Priscilla, movie and TV landmarks such as The Big Chill mansion and the Friends fountain, and much more.
T.J. Hooker Seasons One And Two DVD Set
Was: $15.00
Now: $9.87
The popular 80s cop series is back in action!

William Shatner stars as a veteran cop who gives up his detective position to return to street duty in order to train and mentor new recruits. Also stars Adrian Zmed and Heather Locklear.
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