The Wizard Of Oz Mouse Figures

In celebration of the 80th anniversary of 1939 masterpiece, we bring you the film's most beloved characters depicted as miniature mice!

Dorothy is ready to hit the yellow brick road in her ruby red slippers; the Cowardly Lion bravely tries to find some courage; the Tin Man continues the search for his heart; poor Scarecrow only wants a brain; Glinda The Good Witch is pretty in pink; and the Wicked Witch is as mean and green as ever.

These tiny treasures make wonderful gifts for fans, collectors, and even mice enthusiasts!

Intended for the adult collector and not for children.

Buy any 2 for $15.00 each, any 3 or more for $14.00 each.

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  • Dorothy: 2.25" tall.
  • Tin Man: 2.5" tall.
  • Cowardly Lion: 2.25" tall.
  • Scarecrow: 2.25" tall.
  • Glinda: 2.5" tall.
  • Wicked Witch: 3.25" tall.