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Mr. Rogers Special Day Tee
$25.00 - $27.00
We'll always remember his kindness, and how he endeavored to make each child feel special.

Screenprinted design on a light gray T-shirt rekindles warm thoughts of the TV show host.
Starsky And Hutch Tee
$30.00 - $32.00
The popular 70s police drama featured a street-wise Starsky and his partner, the reserved intellectual Hutch, tearing around fictional Bay City, California, in a bright red Gran Torino.

The word on the street from Huggy Bear is that this white T-shirt has undergone a sublimated print process, rendering bold graphics that won't fade.

Slight wrinkles and random spots of missing ink are inherent in this one-of-a-kind process.
KISS End Of The Road Tour Tee
$26.00 - $28.00
The journey that began in the 70s ends this year, with a 4-leg tour around the world.

Sunset hues blend into one another on the front of a white T-shirt, printed using a sublimated ink process. Slight wrinkles and random spots of missing ink are inherent in this one-of-a-kind print process.
The Karate Kid And Miyagi Tee
$20.00 - $22.00
Wax on, wax off!

Hard to believe it's been 35 years since Mr. Miyagi took young Daniel-San under his wing. Black T-shirt keeps your favorite underdog-triumphs-in-the-end movie memories alive.
Elvis Presley Neon King Tee
$25.00 - $27.00
Once he hit it big, his name was always in lights!

Neon colors surround The King in this screenprinted image on the front of this black T-shirt.

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DC Comics Justice League Of America Tee
$25.00 - $27.00
A star-studded lineup of the most memorable DC Comics characters is printed in retro-look, half-tone panels on the front of a navy T-shirt.

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John Wayne American Legend Tee
$19.00 - $21.00
He was a patriot on and off the screen! The legendary actor is pictured on the front of this military-green T-shirt.

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Budweiser Clydesdale Tee
$23.00 - $25.00
Usually seen pulling restored turn-of-the-century beer wagons for the beer maker, the tradition dates back to 1933, when they were first given as a gift to the brewery's CEO to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition! Today, they are most recognized for their holiday and Super Bowl ads.

White T-shirt features an intentionally-distressed design on the front, giving it a vintage look.
The Doors Waiting For The Sun Tee
$23.00 - $25.00
Although the band eventually accumulated eight consecutive gold LPs, 1968's Waiting For The Sun was the only one to reach #1 on the charts.

Stylized photo from the album cover shoot is screenprinted on the front of a black T-shirt.
Captain Marvel Asteroid Tee
$23.00 - $25.00
New feature film updates the comic book character of Ms. Marvel, and makes her a full-fledged superhero with a backstory.

A former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot turns into one of the galaxy's mightiest heroes, caught in the center of a galactic conflict between two alien worlds.

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Bon Jovi Heart And Dagger Tee
$21.00 - $23.00
Any Bon Jovi fan worth their salt knows that this "love = pain" heart and dagger logo has been around since the early 80s.

Bold screenprinted design on black says you're a fan through and through.
Ford V8 Genuine Parts Tee
$20.00 - $22.00
Although invented back in the 1930's, it still ranks as one of the company's most important developments!

A few hot-rod models are depicted in the full color design on the back, with chest logo on the front.
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