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Train Stations Then And Now Book
Was: $19.95
Now: $14.87
Once the hub of the American economy, railroad barons built grand stations across the country in many different architectural styles.

The best surviving examples are profiled here, as well as those that did not fare as well, falling under the wrecking ball, only to be replaced with other structures on the sites.
LIFE Remembering Marilyn Book
Was: $13.99
Now: $10.87
The first all-photographic American news magazine dominated the market for more than 40 years.

Remembering Marilyn is a reissue of a LIFE classic that recalls one of the most beautiful and most desired women of all time.

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Dolly Parton Gender And Country Music Book
Was: $21.00
Now: $17.87
Dolly crafted her exaggerated appearance and stage personality by combining two opposing stereotypes: the innocent mountain girl and the voluptuous sex symbol.

And very successfully so, considering her career that spans decades, crosses genres, and inspires millions of fans.

This book brings our understanding of her contributions, not just to country music, but to American culture, to a new level.
Camper Love Book
Was: $22.95
Now: $19.97
The venerable VW has graced our roads since 1950 and its popularity--unlike any and all other camper vans--has never faded.

This virtual love letter to the Volkswagen camper is bursting with beautiful photography in a celebration and salute to the coolest van on Planet Earth.

The book is the perfect gift for those who had one, own one, or just want one.
Brain Games Who Done It And Sherlock Holmes Puzzles Book
Was: $14.00 - $14.00
Now: $8.67 - $14.00
Readers are challenged to use logic, deductive reasoning and verbal skills to solve mysteries and unlock secrets! Collection includes mind stretchers, story problems, memory puzzles, riddles, cryptograms, and more.

Are your eyes as sharp and your deductions as accurate as those of the famed fictional detective? Solve more than 100 puzzles themed around the world-famous sleuth, including logic, coded & visual puzzles, word searches, anagrams, cryptograms, and more.

Both books include an answer key in case you get stumped.
The Queen Paper Dolls
Four dolls represent Her Majesty as a young princess, a royal bride, a reigning queen, and the beloved ruler we know today.

Her wardrobe includes historic ceremonial coronation garb, wedding gown, and eight plates of fashions from eight decades.

Illustrated by David Wolfe.
Wonder Woman Ambassador Of Truth Book
Was: $50.00
Now: $27.67
With Removable Wearable Tiara!

A chronicle of the 75-year history of the pop-culture phenomenon examines her diverse media representations, from her wartime comic book origins to today's feature films.

It also explores the impact she has had on women's rights and empowerment and the fight for peace.

Slip the tiara off the book cover and wear it!

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Eat Like A Rock Star Cookbook
Was: $24.99
Now: $14.77
Rock on, and let's eat!

Cookbook features recipes from some of your favorite stars spanning 7 decades of rock & roll, pop, country, R&B, disco, and blues!

Each recipe includes the star's biography and some fun facts to entertain while you prepare their favorite entry for brunch, lunch, dinner or dessert.

With recipes from Bill Wyman, Michelle Phillips, Glen Campbell, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Micky Dolenz, and many more.

With 100 color photos and an introduction by Mary Wilson of The Supremes.
Elvis Still Taking Care Of Business Book
Was: $15.95
Now: $12.97
Memories From His Former Bodyguard!

Sonny West had a front-row seat on the roller coaster ride through the last 2 years of Elvis Presley's life as an integral part of the "Memphis Mafia."

In this poignant account, he reminisces on what it was like to advise and protect one of the most beloved figures of all time.

West offers anecdotes and memories of his experiences with Elvis and his movies, music, women, associates, family, and even his drug use.

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World War One Posters Book
Was: $50.00
Now: $29.67
Commemorative of America's entrance into World War I is an exquisite edition featuring fine reproductions of 100 of the era's best posters.

The choice selection represents those produced in both Europe and the US--full-color reproductions accompanied by detailed captions.

Featured artists include James Montgomery Flagg, Ludwig Hohlwein, J. C. Lyendecker, and others.
The Original White House Cookbook
Was: $19.99
Now: $14.87
Initially published in 1887, comprised of recipes, cooking techniques, etiquette instruction, household care, and more.

This wonderful snapshot from history includes recipes by Martha Washington and Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as historic menus for special occasions. A best-seller in its day, with 500+ recipes for soups, meats, vegetables, pasta, desserts, and more!

Compiled by a former cook, along with a White House steward; foreword by former White House chef John Moeller.
Archie's Coloring Book
Was: $8.99 - $9.99
Now: $7.97 - $8.99
Own the very first adult coloring book in Archie Comics history!

Give Archie's jalopy a paint job, or style outfits for Betty and Veronica! Plus, each black and white image has an intricate background illustration so you can get really creative.
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