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Animated Peek A Boo Peter Rabbit Plush
Press his foot and Peter plays an interactive game of Peek-A-Boo with you!

Peter's arms move up and down with the bright red polka-dot blanket to cover his face, as he says phrases such as, "Where am I?... here I am!" "Where did you go?... Peek a Boo!" plus 2 more.

Press foot again to turn off.
Disney Vintage Mickey And Minnie Mouse Plushes
Clever, cheerful, and always entertaining!

In celebration of the beloved Disney mouse's 90th birthday, Steiff presents these wonderful 1930s versions of the long-time favorites.

Lovingly created from head to toe in Trevira velvet, they both feature embroidered eyes and the signature gold-plated Steiff button in one ear. Limited edition.

These are adult collectibles, not intended for children.
Curious George Pizza Plush
The ever-curious and always-adventurous George tests his cooking skills by whipping up a delicious pizza pie!

Adorable plush is dressed in pizza kitchen apron and chef's hat.
Disney Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Plush
Dressed in his sorcerer's robe and hat, Mickey brings the magic of Disney to your home or office.

Intended for the adult collector and not for children.

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Lamb Chop Talking Plush
Speaks 9 Phrases!

Shari Lewis introduced the adorable Lamb Chop in 1956 on Captain Kangaroo, and the sweet little puppet character is still entertaining children today.

True to the original, the soft & cuddly plush with curly coat and lush eyelashes charms, as she interacts with 9 different phrases! Just squeeze her tummy.
Care Bears Cheer And Bedtime Bear Soothers
Was: $32.00
Now: $19.77
Sweet Care Bear friend for the littlest member of the family plays two lullabies on a 30-second loop, while lights glow softly in cheeks and belly. Babies love the gentle illumination, soothing music, and soft textures!

Press the bear's paw to turn on and off, with auto shutoff after 10 minutes. Battery pack in back with the main on/off switch.

Cheer Bear (pink) or Bedtime Bear (blue) are cuddly pals your little one can always count on for comfort!
Sesame Street Animated Elmo Singing Christmas Plush
Still as charming and cheerful as ever, The Sesame Street favorite spreads his own special brand of joy!

Press his hand, and the plush figure sings Jingle Bells, peeking out from the chimney as his body and mouth move in sync to the tune.
Disney Animated Dumbo Musical Waggy Plush
Since his debut in 1941, the "flying" baby elephant has been an endearing Disney favorite!

Adorable windup plush plays the movie's tune "Baby Mine" while gently moving his head side to side. Features amazingly soft texture and charming embroidered accents.

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