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Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Anniversary Two Dollar Bill And Card Set
Honor the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

The auspicious occasion calls for special recognition in the form of this colorized $2 Bill. Genuine uncirculated U.S. currency showcases two images of the Queen with commemorative dates and Certificate of Authenticity arranged in a vinyl folio for display.

Includes a set of 11 photo cards of the Queen, pictured with 11 past U.S. Presidents, from Harry Truman to Barack Obama.
Royal Engagement Coin Set
Was: $15.00
Now: $12.97
Our fascination with Great Britain's Royal Family continues, as we celebrate the engagement of Princess Diana's youngest son to the lovely Meghan Markle!

Two genuine Kennedy half-dollar coins have undergone a unique colorization process that applies commemorative photo images on the obverse of each one.

The coins are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and include small plastic stands for display.
Golden Years Of Silver Mercury Dimes
$40.00 - $50.00
Designed by Adolph A. Weinman, the wings on Mercury's cap symbolize liberty of thought.

Minted between 1916 and 1945, dimes are 0.900 silver, and arranged in sonically sealed acrylic cases. Each collection contains 5 dimes minted during specified decade.

Mint years vary.
Elvis Presley Life And Times Coin Set
Was: $30.00
Now: $24.97
Collection celebrates The King, depicting 5 distinct stages of Elvis Presley's life.

Set of 5 US legal tender half dollar coins have been colorized with special inks in a multi-color process, achieving a high-quality level of detail.

Each coin comes in acrylic capsule with stand for display, and one Certificate of Authenticity.

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Marilyn Monroe Gold Plated Coin Set
Set of 6 authentic California state quarters are layered in 24-kt. gold, then beautifully enhanced with colorized images of the California-born star in some of her most memorable film roles.

Each coin undergoes the application of high-quality inks, resulting in a high level of detail, saturation, and durability, and is then enclosed in an acrylic capsule.

The limited edition set includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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First Year Of Issue 1864 Two Cent Piece
Own a piece of 19th-century American history!

One of the shortest-lived issues of United States coinage, James B. Longacre's 2-cent piece was composed of 95% copper, and was also the first new coin to include the motto "In God We Trust".

This 154-year-old coin arrives encapsulated in acrylic and nestled within a flocked giftbox. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Five Years Of Buffalo Nickels Coin Set
Was: $30.00
Now: $24.97
Minted from 1913 to 1938, the Indian Head nickel with buffalo on obverse is a popular coin design.

Artist James Earle Fraser patterned the profile from the faces of 3 different North American Indian chiefs, and the image of the buffalo was modeled after Central Park Zoo's bull bison, Black Diamond.

The 5 coins are artfully arranged in a black vinyl folio, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Mint years vary.
American Bison Ten Dollar Bill
New, uncirculated $10.00 bill is enhanced with images from the 1901 $10.00 American Bison/Lewis & Clark bank note, to create this collectible work of art.

The original 1901 bank note was circulated during the 100-yr. anniversary of the Lewis & Clark expedition, and has great historical appeal.

Genuine legal tender bill is displayed in a vinyl folio with Certificate of Authenticity.
1943 Gold Plated Steel Wheat Pennies Set
Own a set of 10 legal tender one-cent coins, plated in genuine 24-kt. gold!

Because of a war-time need for copper for military use, steel pennies were minted only in 1943, and only in the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints, which makes them highly collectible.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Symbols Of Freedom Five Dollar Bill
From the Millennial Elite Series comes this uncirculated Lincoln $5.00 bill, enhanced with beautiful colorized images of an American eagle, stars, stripes, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Genuine legal U.S. tender bill features watermark-like high-definition color, and is displayed in a vinyl folio with Certificate of Authenticity.
Native American Chief Five Dollar Bill
Uncirculated, genuine U.S. legal tender $5.00 bill is enhanced with images from the 1899 $5 silver certificate bank note.

It features a portrait of Chief Running Antelope in full headdress, the only American Indian ever depicted on U.S. paper currency.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and vinyl folio for display.
1935 And 1957 Silver Certificates
Silver Certificates were backed by silver held in the U.S. Treasury and could be redeemed for silver bullion until 1968.

This impressive collection includes a 1935 and 1957 series Silver Certificate, along with historical information and Certificate of Authenticity in a protective vinyl portfolio for display.
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