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1943 Gold Plated Steel Wheat Pennies Set
Own a set of 10 legal tender one-cent coins, plated in genuine 24-kt. gold!

Because of a war-time need for copper for military use, steel pennies were minted only in 1943, and only in the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints, which makes them highly collectible.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
Symbols Of Freedom Five Dollar Bill
From the Millennial Elite Series comes this uncirculated Lincoln $5.00 bill, enhanced with beautiful colorized images of an American eagle, stars, stripes, and the Lincoln Memorial.

Genuine legal U.S. tender bill features watermark-like high-definition color, and is displayed in a vinyl folio with Certificate of Authenticity.
1935 And 1957 Silver Certificates
Silver Certificates were backed by silver held in the U.S. Treasury and could be redeemed for silver bullion until 1968.

This impressive collection includes a 1935 and 1957 series Silver Certificate, along with historical information and Certificate of Authenticity in a protective vinyl portfolio for display.
Six Decades Of Proof Lincoln Pennies
Each Lincoln proof penny in this 6-coin set boasts a mirror-like finish and detailed sharpness, making it a stunning collection for history buffs and coin collectors!

You get one Lincoln proof penny each from 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. The Lincoln Memorial cent was minted from 1959-2008, and the Lincoln Shield cent was first minted in 2010 and remains in circulation today.

Collection is sealed in a protective acrylic case with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint years vary.
George Washington Rainbow Dollar Bill
Uncirculated, genuine US legal tender $1.00 bill is redesigned with a portrait of George Washington in the center, and a vignette of Columbus sighting land to the left.

The bank note that inspired the design dates back to 1869, the first year that Washington's portrait was used on the $1.00 bill.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity and vinyl folio for display.
Black Eagle Dollar Bill
Uncirculated, genuine U.S. legal tender $1.00 bill is enhanced with images from the 1899 $1.00 silver certificate bank note, affectionately known as the Black Eagle.

Considered by collectors to be one of the most attractive U.S. bills, it is the only piece of U.S. currency ever issued that depicts portraits of 2 different presidents--Lincoln and Grant.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity and vinyl folio for display.
Three Centuries Of American Coinage
Impressive 9-coin set contains iconic currency from the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s!

Mint dates range as follows: Silver Mercury Dime, 1916-1945; Indian Head Penny, 1859-1909; Lincoln Steel Cent, 1943; Shield Penny, 2010-2017; Silver Barber Dime, 1892-1916; Jefferson Nickel, 1938-2017; Buffalo Nickel, 1913-1938; Roosevelt Dime, 1964-2017; and Liberty Nickel, 1883-1913.

Collection is packaged in a matted card within protective vinyl sleeve. Mint years vary.
John Wayne Half Dollar And State Quarter Set
The talented and successful actor was just as well known off-screen for his heroic role as a proud American citizen.

Set of 2 colorized coins includes a Kennedy half dollar, and an Iowa State quarter, symbolizing his birthplace. Both feature stunning images of The Duke in character.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the coin set, assuring its collector-edition status.

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NHL 100th Anniversary Coin Team History Framed Art
Commemorative collectible honors the 100th anniversary of the National Hockey League.

Custom-designed print displaying team logos over the past century is hand numbered and matted with a 39mm commemorative 100th Anniversary coin, minted in fine silver plate. The presentation is attractively displayed in a wood frame, with double matting and glass front.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each piece in this limited edition of 2017.
Officially licensed and proudly made in the USA.
Spirit Of The American West Coin And Stamp Collection
Superb collection celebrates our nation's westward expansion!

You get 3 genuine U.S. coins including original Buffalo Nickel, minted from 1913-1938; Indian Head Penny, minted from 1859-1909; and Liberty Head Nickel, minted from 1883-1912.

25-cent postage stamps include Flathead and Cheyenne tribal headdress designs from their first printing in 1990.

Collection arrives in sealed acrylic case with Certificate of Authenticity. Mint years vary.
Elvis Presley Colorized Half Dollars
Was: $20.00
Now: $6.37
In 1968, a leather-clad Elvis performed some of his greatest hits to an intimate live audience, essentially revitalizing his career, in what is since referred to as the 68 Comeback Special.

In 1973, the Aloha From Hawaii concert featured The King in his jewel-studded white Eagle jumpsuit, broadcast live via satellite to over 40 countries--the most expensive entertainment special at the time, costing $2.5 million!

Collectible colorized coins commemorate these momentous events in his career. Genuine legal tender half-dollar keepsake coins are encapsulated in acrylic for display.

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Living Presidents Coin Set
Was: $46.00
Now: $24.67
The 6-coin set includes genuine Legal-Tender 2016 Ronald Reagan Presidential Dollars that have been enhanced with beautiful colorized images of the 6 living U.S. Presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

The colorization is achieved through a revolutionary process resulting in high-definition images for collectible works of art.

Each coin arrives in acrylic capsule.
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