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The Wizard Of Oz Cookie Jar
Thinking about stocking up on snacks for that trip to Emerald City?

Colorful cookie jar with silicone freshness seal around the lid is for you! A perfect addition to your Oz collectibles.

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Scooby Doo Polka Dots Cookie Jar
Stash your Scooby snacks (or other favorite treats) inside this cookie jar!

Colorful design adds a bit of whimsical charm to your kitchen or collectibles shelf, while the silicone seal around lid keeps things fresh.

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Dr. Seuss The Grinch Cookie Jar
The Grinch's heart may have been two sizes too small, but this unique cookie jar is plenty big enough for your treats!

Includes a silicone freshness seal and full-color gift box.
The Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jar
They've never been more endearing!

Jack, Sally and Zero are beautifully rendered in this highly-collectible sculptural cookie jar, crafted with expert details and hand-applied 22-kt. gold!

But what makes this cookie jar truly irresistible is the intricate sculpture of Jack and Sally on the lid that turns it into a stunning collectible you'll want to display all year long.

Lead-free and food-safe; silicone seal inside the lid keeps every ghoulish goodie perfectly fresh. Limited edition.

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Thomas Kinkade Home Sweet Home Cookie Jar
Was: $110.00
Now: $99.97
This reminder of times gone by is sculpted to resemble an antique milk can.

The heart of the wraparound design is Kinkade's beloved piece entitled "Everett's Cottage," handcrafted and hand glazed for lasting beauty.

As useful as it is beautiful, the cookie jar features a rubber seal inside the lid to keep treats fresh.

The fully-sculpted, amazingly-detailed cottage atop the lid is the finishing touch to make this piece a tribute to the comforts of home.
John Wayne One Tough Cookie Jar
He was a strong man who walked tall, spoke his mind, stood his ground, and had a soft spot for widows, orphans, animals, and his home sweet home.

Expertly handcrafted and hand-glazed, this is one tough cookie jar that perfectly captures the essence of aged wood, cast iron, and coarse rope.

Includes a snug rubber seal inside to keep cookies fresh.

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Coke Cookie Jar
Fun and functional cookie jar features retro graphics that recall general stores and soda fountains!

Beautiful red and white design enhances your kitchen or collectibles shelf.

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Disney Snow White Cookie Jar
Was: $72.00
Now: $59.77
Unique custom-sculpted design with exquisite handpainted details captures the lovely Snow White, just moments before she bites the poisoned apple.

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Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Cookie Jar
Treat yourself to memories of the modern-day Disney classic!

Cookie jar depicts Belle in her signature yellow gown, with handpainted details.

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The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Cookie Jar
Was: $72.00
Now: $44.67
All you need is love--and a cookie jar filled with treats!

Drum-shaped cookie jar features exquisite handpainted details, and a silicone freshness seal under the lid. A wonderful collectible!

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Girl Scout Cookie Jar
Back in 1917, a Girl Scout troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, hit upon the clever idea of funding their projects by selling cookies they made themselves in their kitchens at home.

Other troops took note; the idea took off, and the rest is history!

Store your sweet treats in this special edition stoneware jar.