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Cookie Jars

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Disney Eeyore Cookie Jar
Entitled "Some Days Are Better Upside Down," this adorable figural cookie jar is a treat from any angle!

Crafted with a snug silicone seal inside the lift-off lid. Decorated in lead-free and food-safe paint and glaze, with the word "Cookies" printed in 12-kt. gold script.

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Thomas Kinkade Home Sweet Home Cookie Jar
This reminder of times gone by is sculpted to resemble an antique milk can.

The heart of the wraparound design is Kinkade's beloved piece entitled "Everett's Cottage," handcrafted and hand glazed for lasting beauty.

As useful as it is beautiful, the cookie jar features a rubber seal inside the lid to keep treats fresh.

The fully-sculpted, amazingly-detailed cottage atop the lid is the finishing touch to make this piece a tribute to the comforts of home.
Disney Collage Cookie Jar
Remember the excitement of going to the theater to see the latest Disney animated feature!

All your favorites are here, including Dumbo, Pinocchio, Snow White, Lady & The Tramp, and more!

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John Wayne One Tough Cookie Jar
He was a strong man who walked tall, spoke his mind, stood his ground, and had a soft spot for widows, orphans, animals, and his home sweet home.

Expertly handcrafted and hand-glazed, this is one tough cookie jar that perfectly captures the essence of aged wood, cast iron, and coarse rope.

Includes a snug rubber seal inside to keep cookies fresh.

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Coke Cookie Jar
Fun and functional cookie jar features retro graphics that recall general stores and soda fountains!

Beautiful red and white design enhances your kitchen or collectibles shelf.

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Disney Mickey Mouse Collage Cookie Jar
Twenty-plus vintage poster images are combined to make a colorful collage around the exterior of this cool cookie jar!

Includes a bright red lid with silicone seal to preserve food freshness. Use it for cookies, as a canister for dry goods, or just show it off as part of your unique collectibles!

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Disney Snow White Cookie Jar
Unique custom-sculpted design with exquisite handpainted details captures the lovely Snow White, just moments before she bites the poisoned apple.

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Farmall Milk Can Cookie Jar
Although the 1960s saw the end of production for the Farmall line, many models remain in use, and have become a favorite of restorers and collectors.

Styled like an old-fashioned milk jug, this solidly-built cookie jar with 360° embossed design is the perfect accent for your country kitchen.

Fill it with cookies or other treats, or give it a place of honor among your other Farmall collectibles.
Happy Camper Cookie Jar
For those who know the joys of life on the road in a tow-behind camper!

Too-cute speckled sculpture is detailed with a cheery array of blooms, banners, and wildlife, sure to add a welcome pop of color to your kitchen collectibles.
I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory Cookie Jar
Fill this cookie jar with treats, and let it fill you with rib-tickling memories from one of the most hilarious television moments ever!

The perfect gift for the I Love Lucy fan or cookie jar collector.

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Disney 101 Dalmatians Cookie Jar And Shaker Set
Was: $20.00 - $72.00
Now: $14.97 - $59.97
How marvelous--one of the most villain-y villainesses from Disney history is now a cookie jar!

And those pups she's pursuing? No worries--this spotted pair of salt & pepper shakers is ready to take its place well out of her reach on your countertop, table, or collectibles shelf.

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Fresh From The Oven Cookie Jar
Cute cookie jar takes you back to the '50s, when the stylish kitchen was home to pink appliances!

With handpainted black and white trim.
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