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UGEARS Steam Train And Tender Kit
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UGEARS Steam Train And Tender Kit
Minutely-detailed design reveals the intricacy of the moving details: gears and a flywheel, cylinder-piston arrangement, in an almost-exact replica of a real locomotive. The coal car with lifting sides has a locking hatch, and also includes a track.

One full winding provides enough energy to cover a distance of up to 3.3 feet. Use the "idle" setting to watch the gears work without the locomotive actually traveling. You can also set it to "back" and the engine will roll back and automatically hook up with its tender.

Pieces are precisely laser-cut from high-grade plywood that easily punch out. Kit comes with step-by-step color instructions and requires no glue or tools for assembly.
Watch How it Works:
UGEARS Steam Train And Tender Kit